Why You Will Never Be Too Old For A Family Vacation

I just recently got back from a family vacation to Florida. Luckily for me I have never been to Florida, in fact, I have never even been on a family vacation before. This was the first time my dad has taken all three of his kids away, and the best part is we’re all now in our twenty’s and could appreciate it. No matter what age or destination, here are a few reasons why you will never be too old for a family vacation.

  1. Family is Family
    As much as sometimes I may have wanted to be an only child, I count myself lucky to have a brother and sister that I know I can count on, at no matter what age.
  2. The Older You Are the More Fun it Can Be
    Not only are all of us now old enough to remember this vacation, but we are also legal to hang out in restaurants that won’t kick us out after 9 p.m. Not to mention were all now old enough to have a cocktail or two.
  3. Catch Up
    Everyone in my immediate family lives in a different city. We don’t live with our parents anymore and we have started our own lives, so sometimes it takes a vacation to bring everyone together for a good reunion.
  4. Lessons
    If you think you can go an entire family vacation without getting any lectures after not seeing your parents or family members for an extended time, guess again. My father is the king of giving advice, especially after he hasn’t seen his kids for a while. Naturally as young adults, you may not think you need any more life lessons, but hear your parents out, it makes them feel good.
  5. Memories
    I can officially say I will remember the crazy trip I took with my family to Florida. Not just because of the pictures we have, but the conversations that were had, and the reasons why we decided we needed a family trip.

This may have been my first family vacation, and I may be a little late on that train, but take advantage of the time you spend while you’re together, because who knows when the next one will be. What has been your favourite family vacation and why? Was it the place, what you did, or was it the company?


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