Why It’s Time Brands Start Taking Social Media Seriously

Have you ever researched a company only to not find the information you’re looking for? This is a frustrating experience for any consumer. This includes your social media profiles, so why are you hiding the ways of connecting your consumers to your brand? Something else that’s very common is seeing social media business ads and brands active on some social media profiles, but not others. What about not being able to link back to a website and learn more?

This is happening far more often than you would think with brands, and it’s time that these businesses start taking social media seriously.

The marketing landscape has changed and it’s time for businesses to change the way they promote and position themselves. And depending on the business, there is a lesson in what social media platforms brands should be active on. Companies and brands need to start investing into their social media presence and properly trained staff.

When it comes to marketing campaigns, it’s important to understand who’s a part of the conversation. Who is saying what about your brand and their thoughts? Why are people joining the conversation and from where and what outlets. This is all part of social listening and can help drive many results for businesses. There are numerous social media tools out there that can help tell you everything from the best times to post to the ages of your audience. This also goes beyond your follower count and where the conversation is being had.

And when it comes to social media, it goes beyond just trying to attract an audience or customers. But how to also leverage your own employees to become brand advocates. Fast Company shared a great example of this when employee advocacy shows brand loyalty because we’re all consumers. This should be part of your brand strategy because, why not? If you’re looking for new ways to engage with your audience you may not have to be reaching as far as you think.

Which leads me to my next point of how social media and the web, in general, has become an endless resource for information and reviews. Anything businesses are doing is online, including social media. And people judge a company based on their social media presence and how active they are. It’s free reviews for your brand, and yes, people do use it as a form of customer service. But like a lot that happens on social media, there is more than the negative, but the great things that can be said about your brand. It’s how you leverage these types of reviews via social media. Which is why having a presence is better than not having any presence at all.

Your social media team does a lot more than just post on Facebook or tweet all day. Remember that they are getting the first-hand feedback and living your brand with your consumers and audience while having a conversation with them. Trust their expertise on where the conversation should be going. They are getting your key messages out and tooling how your brand is perceived first hand. It’s not about going viral, it’s about having a conversation, both listening and engaging.

Here is an infographic from Buffer about how much content is pushed out on the internet in one minute! Look at how many of these platforms are considered social media. Don’t let your brand be missing out on opportunities.

What’s your brand stance on social media?

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