Why Everyone Should Attend a Toronto Beer Festival

Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Festival Review

The answer is simple really, do you like beer and having fun?

Summer or winter, there is never a bad time for a cold one. This past weekend I attended the Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Festival hosted by Steam Whistle Brewery. This sold out event was a great success, not to mention a lot of fun.

Events like this, especially with all the debate surrounding The Beer Store at the moment, gives local craft brewers an opportunity to show off their stuff. And let me tell you, it was worth braving the cold.

With over 25 local vendors, food trucks, games and heat lamps, this event had something for everyone.

Not to mention some of the friendliest folks around to drink with. My boyfriend and I decided to “suit up”, as seen in the photos below, and as many laughs that were had, it was all in good fun as we enjoyed talking to strangers about the event and their favourite pints. I’m positive we’ll find ourselves randomly on the internet somewhere with all the photos we took with these strangers, but it was worth it.

The vendors were awesome, we bought $20 worth of “tokens” and that lasted us for a few hours! When you walk in the door you receive your mug for the day and with the option of half a pint or a full pint from vendors, our goal was to try as much as we could, although I did a few repeats on some of the ciders… I couldn’t help myself.

Even in the winter, this was a packed event with a lot going on for everyone to enjoy. I have never been to a summer one, but after attending this I will definitely be doing my best to get tickets again and recommend everyone should for an afternoon of good times and beers.

Take a peek at this video featuring some of the highlights of the day: 

P.S. Thank you to the man riding the Steam Whistle bike for letting me hop on the back and go for a ride with him.

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  • Sybil Reply

    The guy riding the beer bike was Steam Whistle Brewing co-founder Greg. The Winter Craft Beer fest was his whacky idea and he was having a riot seeing people like you enjoying yourselves so much. He couldn’t have dreamed up a better day – perfect weather and friendly Canadians all enjoying craft beer outside!

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