When Dreams Come True: Mermaid School

When I was a little girl, I told everyone that I wanted to be a mermaid when I grow up. And thanks to AquaMermaid School, my dreams really did come true.

So what can you expect a mermaid class to be like?

Well, you’ll definitely learn how to swim like a fish using both legs as a fish tail and using your core muscles to propel forward. With multiple arm placement variations, you can perform a variety of unique swimming movements. Or as I did, try the moves and hope to stay afloat.

Each mermaid class has an agenda that includes an introduction on how to wear and care for the mermaid tail and swim like a mermaid (since most people are new to the whole swimming with a tail thing). The class then leads into different swimming techniques and drills, and fun games you can play with your newly learned skills, with of course enough time to take pictures included.

So what does it feel like to wear a mermaid tail?

It is like having a mini motor attached to your feet, and as a heavy as one too. You would be surprised of how quickly you can move in your tail or “monofin”. The monofin isn’t anything you haven’t seen before, it is regular flippers that you would normally use for swimming with the tail magically designed to shape around them and your feet placed together. Since you are in your tail, your legs are also together which is a very weird feeling when it comes to being in the water. Of course, my first instinct was to try and move both of my legs separately, but your tail makes sure you can’t.

Working on your fitness!

Now I know why Ariel wanted legs so badly because this class was a workout! I mean it; these classes offer a total-body workout. You may not realize it but while learning all your new moves, you’re also toning your glutes, quads, and abs. AquaMermaid is also low impact which is great for anyone with injuries.

Who should be a mermaid?  

Everyone should learn how to swim like they do under the sea! AquaMermaid was founded in February of 2015 and operates in more than 10 locations including Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Kitchener, Quebec, Chicago, and Phoenix. The school offers unique mermaid classes for people of all ages. Birthday party? Bachelorette? Mermaid school is a go-to for a unique group event and is only growing in popularity. Because who doesn’t want to be a mermaid?

Disclaimer: AquaMermaid provided me with a free class in exchange for me to write about my experience. However, I only recommend things that I enjoyed and think other people would also enjoy. All opinions in this piece are my own and 110% honest.

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