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Have you ever flown in a helicopter? What about over a city? I was a no to both of these questions until this past weekend when I booked a flight with Toronto Heli Tours. And I must say, it was one of the coolest ways to possibly see the City.


Helicopter tours are nothing new, and huge in places like Las Vegas over the Grand Canyon. Even New York has just started offering doorless and windowless helicopter rides. One of the great features about Toronto Heli Tours is how accessible it is. Located at the Toronto Island airport, Toronto Heli Tours is very easy to get to, especially from downtown. Now once you’re at the airport it can be a little tricky to navigate, as there is no signage, but the company does a great job at giving very specific details in your confirmation email for you to reference. And when they call to confirm your tour the morning of, they also give you the option to call them once you get to the airport and will direct you from Porter.

Our helicopter ride was the last one of the day and we definitely lucked out. It was right at sunset on a beautiful clear, fall day. It was such a nice day that they sent their cameraman up with us to capture some awesome shots of the city as well.


The ride is approximately eight minutes long (if only I could travel through Toronto that quickly on a normal day), but can also choose the fifteen-minute package as well. With a training video and staff on deck to help you out throughout the entire process, the experience is smooth from start to finish.

You head out to the landing pad and get your photo taken in front of the helicopter, which can also be included in your packages. Once you’re in the helicopter, make sure you have plenty of storage on your phone because the pilot does an incredible job at making sure you get the best shots and angles of the City. Starting in the west end you head north between the Bathurst and Dufferin area to Bloor, East across Bloor to the DVP, and head back down south along the DVP back along the Gardiner to land.


In the reviews I read people thought the ride was way too short, but I would have to disagree. I thought the pilot did a great job in pointing out key features of the City most people want to see and give you adequate time to take photos. Everything from Nathan Phillip Square to helping you try and find key features in your neighbourhood (I spotted my condo!), and being able to wave at those doing the Edge Walk on the CN Tower, I would highly recommend Toronto Heli Tours for anyone living or visiting Toronto.

Is this something you would be interested in? Toronto Heli Tours currently has a Groupon available!


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