Ten Ways To Know Spring Is Almost Here

It’s so close! This doesn’t only mean that the dreadful winter we’ve had will be over, but the sun is actually shining after you get off the subway at 5 p.m. But besides natural light being the only indicator, here is a list of the top ten ways you can tell spring has almost sprung in the City.

  1. Bars have started promoting their patios: Get ready bars and restaurants have already started with the promotion of their patio parties and patio specials, and since patio season is everyone’s favourite season,  these places like to get a jump on it early.
  2. The bikes are back: To those dedicated folks who kept riding through the snow and freezing wind chill, kudos to you, but now that we can actually start to see the bikes lanes again, more and more people are back on the roads.
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  3. Bye, bye winter boots, hello booties: As much as it is still cold outside, it’s manageable to wear booties and not have snow up to your ankles. It’s also boot sale season, most places have their winter styles on sale so if you’re looking for a nice pair till the snow melts and into next season, now is certainly the time to buy.
    3-13-2015 3-57-07 PM
  4. Colours: Speaking of fashion, it’s now “trendy” to wear brighter colours again apparently. I’m not saying bust out your white pants, but wearing a pastel pink blazer was liberating since it felt like the first time I had worn anything brighter then maroon in four months… oh wait, it was!
    3-13-2015 3-58-45 PM
  5. Food: Grocery shopping for fresh produce all winter is a chore, and as much as there are still some Farmer’s Markets that still run throughout the City, even that selection can be limited. Welcome back to the season of having options, new recipes and BBQs.
    3-13-2015 4-00-48 PM
  6. Sangria: As much as I have a personal sangria recipe for every season, all those fresh fruits I just talked about really come in handy here. Time to switch up the ingredients to more citrus fruits and lighter wines.
    3-13-2015 4-01-49 PM
  7. Parkas: See you next season winter parka! I feel like I’m shedding half my body weight by switching over to a spring jacket with no more mitts and furry hats. Hello stylish trench coats, leather jackets and everything else in-between.
    3-13-2015 4-11-24 PM
  8. Exercising Outdoors: Here’s to everyone who are already back to outdoor running! It was a tough winter for exercise, because even getting to the gym was too cold, let alone trying to run outdoors in it.
    3-13-2015 4-09-08 PM
  9. Thunderstorms: I’m still waiting for the first one, and if you aren’t afraid of them they can be enjoyable to watch and fall asleep to. Yes, this means rain, but this also means warmth, so bring on the showers!
    3-13-2015 4-16-16 PM
  10. Grass: You can finally start to see patches of grass again instead of just snow banks! But with this melting snow comes the mud and softer ground, not to mention the plethora of litter and dog poop that’s been hiding all season.
    Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 1.26.09 PM

Who isn’t ready for nicer weather? If you have any key spring indicators leave me a comment!

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