Things I Will Always Splurge On

When it comes to finances there are definitely things I am pretty thrifty about, but at the same time, there are also many things I enjoy and believe that there is justification in when it comes to spending. It’s all about managing your money and knowing what to spend and when to save in regards to everyday expenses. So what are the things I splurge on? I created a list of some of the things I will never cheap out on and save up for.


Who doesn’t like to travel? I am obsessed with going to new places and seeing things and cultures I’ve never seen before. Travel is one of those things that if I could be doing it all the time I definitely would be. But that’s also what makes going places more special, is only being able to explore when it works in-between, work and everything else we adults do. So when it comes to traveling I’m also fortunate I get to do a bit of it with work. It’s those opportunities I take full advantage of and try to get as much exploring in as I can all while still getting the job done. I’m also not picky when it comes to travelling, I will basically go anywhere, especially if it’s a place I’ve never been before. But this is one hobby that can add up quickly as well, so I try to make it a special trip anytime I do get to go anywhere.

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Once In A Lifetime Experiences

I suffer from this thing called FOMO or the fear of missing out, so when it comes to doing cool or unique experiences, I am definitely willing to pay for them. A lot of these happen while travelling yes, but a lot of things can also be done here in Toronto. For example, I bought myself a really cool birthday present last year when I turned 25. I mostly was freaking out over being in my mid-twenties, so I decided that I would do the Edgewalk. That’s right I walked along the outside of the CN Tower at sunset, all while the Toronto Blue Jays were playing a playoff game with the dome open that I looked directly down on. I even say Jose Bautista get a homerun from all the way up there. This is a great example of doing one of those things that especially as a Toronto resident, I can check off my bucket list and say I’ve done.


Face and Hair

As much as it can get expensive when it comes to skin and hair care, that is another area I will not cheap out. You wear your skin and your hair every day. You can out makeup on it, colour it differently, and put whatever clothes you wear over top, but when it comes to taking care of your skin and hair using the right products can make the world of a difference. This can be anything from shampoo and conditioners, masks, sunscreen, serums, and moisturizers. Even when it comes to getting my hair cut, I spend way too much time reading reviews to try and find the right one. Note: if anyone does have a great hair salon they can recommend, I haven’t been able to find one in the City yet, so I have been going back to my hometown where I have had the same person do my hair since I was a kid.

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When I say food, I’m not talking about eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But living in Toronto has definitely opened up my pallet with one of the best food scenes compared to any other place I’ve been. Thankfully for how diverse the City is, you can find authentic cuisine for any kind of food you’re craving and at any price point. Food is definitely one of my splurge items as I probably eat out 2-3 times a week, always wanting to try a new restaurant or go back to a classic favourite, food is one thing I will definitely pay the price for but also has to be done in moderation as it can add up very quickly.

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What are the things you don’t feel guilty or enjoy spending money on? Let me know in the comment section below.

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