What It’s Like To Be The Only “Sorry” Girls At A Justin Bieber Concert

Justin Bieber’s Purpose World Tour kicked off in Toronto last night and it was more than worth the six-month wait. And if you were to think that only moms and their daughters would be in attendance, let me tell you as one of the people that is in neither of those categories, you are wrong. Bieber fever is a real thing, but when you and your girlfriends are the only “Sorry” girls in the Air Canada Centre, people were definitely shocked to see us.
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With the success Justin has had this past year with his album Purpose and major hits just as “What Do you Mean?” and “Love Yourself”, we wanted to jump on the “Sorry” bandwagon. And with no second thoughts two of my girlfriends and I headed to Black Market downtown Toronto to see what we could find to replicate the dancers in the Sorry video.  Needless to say, we were successful on our adventure and couldn’t wait to show off our outfits.


But it was when we arrived at the Air Canada Centre that we realized we were the only ones that were dressed up. Of course, there was your regular merchandise and apparel from two day the pop-up shop, but no one else was rocking body suits and printed pants like we were.

But it was the trip to the concert and while we were there that was the best part. We traveled in classic Toronto style, taking the TTC to the ACC where we were met with glares and comments. Because I don’t want to discuss the negative comments, cheers to the woman who approached us and was full of compliments while the rest of the train was throwing shade. Once we were at the concert people instantly recognized us as the “Sorry” girls, but still continued to laugh at our expense. It was once we were inside that we noticed the lack of outrageous apparel and decided to embrace our costumes even more.

Call it liquid courage, but starting group sing-alongs down the escalators and taking pictures in the bathrooms with random people is all about the concert experience. Luckily we’re also not shy girls, so that when children came up to us wanting to take photos we were more than happy to participate.

Lesson learned for us; people are willing to dress up for movie premiers but not for one of the best concerts of 2016. So cheers to you Justin for putting on an incredible show and for letting three 20-somethings embrace their love for you by dressing up as people from your music video. If that isn’t fandom I don’t know what is. I know we are all more than willing to go to your second show tonight and do it all over again.

And a special apology to all of those on social media who were bombarded with our posts. Not really though, we were very excited.


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