Six Things You Learn in the First Year of Your Career

The transition from being a student to a new professional can be an adjustment to say the least. So is still trying to figure out what you specifically want to do with your career. Your first year out of school is kind of like a trial period. Yes, the pressure is on to land a job to gain experience, pay the bills and establish yourself, but it’s about finding the right fit in this new professional transition period. This list describes six things you will learn in the first year of your career.

Group Projects Pay Off:

Those professors stuck you in group projects for a reason. Work will soon become like multiple group projects that need to get finished, and just like school some at the exact same time. You do your specific part to contribute to the team, and work with your co-workers or team mates to get the job done.

People Want To See You Succeed:

The same way you didn’t want to fail in school is the exact same when it comes to starting a job. And frankly, no one wants to see you fail, so like in school, ask for help, reach out, shake hands, go to events, and have coffee. You will be surprised how many people are willing to help watch you succeed.

What a “Good Fit” Really Means:

Companies are putting a focus now on hiring people that match with their company values and goals. And this makes the world of difference in regards to the amount of time you spend at your job. Positive experiences and enjoying the work you are producing are only a few of the ways that you will find being a “good fit” beneficial.

Don’t Be Afraid of Change:

It’s bound to happen, whether it’s the location, skills, people or oneself, a lot of aspects in your life may change. But, it is how you deal with this change that will impact you and your career moving forward. Embrace it, it’s all a part of your new adventure!

Don’t Get Sucked Into the “Routine”:

Wake up, go to work, go to bed, repeat. Learning how to leverage your free time all while being able to be productive at work the next day is completely different then having classes at random times scattered throughout the day where you could also sneak in nap every once in awhile. Plan your weeks out to keep you busy by signing up for a recreational sports league one day a week, take a class, plan a date night, there are numerous ways to break up your week so you don’t get sucked into repetition cycle.

Always be Networking:

Just because you’ve landed a job doesn’t mean you should stop putting yourself out there. Volunteer, go to events and always say “yes” to opportunities because that’s how to meet people that will help you further the experience you’re currently gaining.


Are you currently in the first year of your career? What is the best lesson you’ve learned? If you’re not in the first year of your career, what advise would you give to those who are? Let me know in the comment section below.

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