Setting Professional Goals This New Year

With the New Year just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about what your New Year’s resolution will be. Everyone looks at New Year’s resolutions differently, whether that is to get into a new habit or break a bad one as long as you’re following through on them is considered a success. But what about professional resolutions? Have you considered working on something that will benefit you in your career? Maybe this year is your year to create a New Year’s resolution focused on your career and I give you a few different ways how you can achieve that goal for 2016.

Professional Development

Professional development can come in many shapes and forms. Whether it is taking a class, attending a seminar or joining an industry organization anything you are doing to improve your skill set or learn something new can be considered professional development. It is becoming more common in the work place to set professional development goals, and employers will often lend a hand in doing so. The New Year is a great opportunity to think about what you are looking to achieve this year professionally and see how those goals align with your workplace who can potentially lend support.

Social Media

Why not create a social media goal? This is becoming more common as social media is becoming more popular. Setting a social media goal for the year is a great way to commit to using the social channels of your choice and to develop an online presence. There is no need to make things complicated, your goal can be as simple as learning how to use Twitter to wanting to reach a certain number of followers, but there are many easy and tangible ways to make sure you are following through on your resolution when it comes to the many social networks.


Taking on a new volunteer project is another easy way to develop your skills, make connections and donate your time. Try to find a cause or not for profit that is searching for volunteers related to your field. This can include joining a board of directors or becoming a general volunteer to utilize your skills to help others.


Taking on a networking resolution is easier than it sounds. This is a great professional New Year’s resolution as it keeps you on top of extending your professional network and may even challenge you to become creative in terms of how you network. It’s also easily measurable as you can try to set a goal of meeting a certain number of people within the year, or per month. Events, coffee dates, seminars, conferences, the list continues on how you can mix up how you network.

Learning a New Skill

This goes hand in hand with professional development, and maybe your new skill could even be social media, but choose a skill that you think will be beneficial to your profession in the future or is becoming more common within your industry. What is a new skill you wish you had? Everyone has one, whether that skill is personal or professional, always learning or taking on a new challenge is something we face daily, so try to develop the skills to be prepared for it.

What is your professional New Year’s resolution? Let me know in the comment section below.

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