Nine Beauty Products I Love… But Others Don’t

When it comes to beauty products, everyone has their go-to items. And as I have learned, not everyone will agree on the same must haves. That’s why I created this go-to guide of beauty products that I literally can’t live without. They are what make me look like me! So here you go, hopefully, this list will make you think about your go-to beauty products or even find some new ones that I swear by.

  1. Micellar Water

We can all get lazy when it comes to our beauty routines, and that’s why we should all be thankful for micellar water. I’m personally a fan of Bioderma’s Micelle Solution, as it comes in many sizes including the most perfect travel size. Removing makeup and a cleanser that’s good for all skin types, micellar water makes sure you get your clean even on the days when we can’t even. 

Photograph via Bioderma

  1. Serums

I will be the first one to admit I have a serum addiction, and this goes for both face and hair. Serums are a must in any routine. Why? Because they are action packed. They do more than your moisturizer and they specialize and focus on key concerns. For your face I would definitely recommend Clinique’s Turnaround Revitalizing Serum for anyone looking for brighter, fresher skin. And for hair, it’s a classic for all hair types, but you can’t go wrong with Moroccanoil. Not to mention the way a serum feels on your skin or in your hair is magical.

Photograph via Moroccanoil

  1. Base Coats

Whether we’re talking about our nails, face, lips or eyes, there’s a base coat for that and I use it. My personal favourites are face primers and please don’t make me chose between Make Up Forever’s Step 1, Skin Equalizer and Lancôme’s La Base because both work wonders. I mean who doesn’t want their skin to literally feel like silk and be able to have your foundation go on easier, last longer and look better. I’d also like to give a shout out to Smashbox’s Photo Finish, another primer that has made me fall in love with the magic of primers.Photograph via Lancôme

  1. Black Eyeliner and Black Mascara

I’ve tried brown and it’s just not the same. Old habits die hard, and this one won’t die no matter how hard I try to shake it, judge away. So when it comes to my lashes and liner they need to be a bold black to make my blue eyes pop. I will always be on the hunt for the best mascara and am always open to recommendations, but I will warn you I have basically tried one from every single cosmetic brand. But when it comes to liner, I need smudge proof and something that will last all day! That’s why if I didn’t have my Estee Lauder Double Wear Liner in Onyx, I don’t know what I would do.

Photograph via Estee Lauder

  1. Exfoliators

And I’m not talking about these new high-tech spinning brushes, I’m a little more old school when it comes to face and body exfoliators. When it comes to exfoliating your body, it’s much more simple than it sounds, you don’t need anything but Dove’s Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash. As for my face, I have been using this same exfoliator for longer than I can remember because it’s just so good for any skin type. Thank you Clinique 7-Day Scrub for being with me for so many years.

Photograph via Clinique

  1. Eye Brighteners

It’s okay if you’re asking WTF an eye brightener is. Because until I didn’t know until I did a Sephora 101 class, and wow they got me. And this stuff I tell you is liquid gold. Because for glasses wearers and sleep deprived people like me, concealer is not always enough. Always my last step when doing my makeup, Smashbox’s Under Eye Brightener is a game changer and a must in everyone’s makeup bag.

Photograph via Smashbox

  1. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a way of life and has enabled me to become reliant on its magic. I have tried way too many dry shampoos, which is a testament to how often I use it. Being blonde also helps when it comes to trialing dry shampoo’s as it’s been difficult finding one I don’t like. But shout out to TRESemme for being in every drug store whenever I need it, and to Living Proof for actually cleaning my hair and making sure I don’t look like a total grease ball without the chalky feel of a regular dry shampoo.

Photograph via Sephora

  1. Hair Straighteners

Again, I know how bad hair straighteners are for your hair, but I grew up in the era of I used to use a real iron on my hair, so let that soak in for a minute. And with the hair serum mentioned above, your ends will be protected from the heat of your flat iron. I naturally have straight hair, so I really only used my straightener on a non-shower day or to curl my hair (because obviously I use a straightener to curl my hair). And a round of applause to CHI’s Original 1” Ceramic Flat Iron for being with me for seven years now. Yes, the same hair straightener has lasted seven years! I am in the market for a new one and keeping my eye on new Dry Bar Tress Press. The hair-straightening fad has calmed down, but it is something I still couldn’t live without.

Photograph via Nordstrom

  1. Makeup Brushes

Confession – I do not believe in sponges. Even if the product comes with one. I do not believe in putting makeup on my face (that can sometimes not be freshly cleansed) and using that same sponge with all the previous dirt and oil at a later time. I am a big believer in there is a makeup brush for everything and even buy makeup brush cleansers and clean my brushes regularly. A lot of people will use soap or baby shampoo, but depending on what kind of make up brushes you’re using, the bristles could be natural hairs or synthetic fibers and can possibly be ruined with soaps. Do not cheap out on your brushes, they are an investment and will last a lifetime if you clean them properly!

Image via Sephora

What beauty products will I find in your vanity? What are the products you use daily that you can’t live without? Let me know in the comment section below.

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