Instagram Vs. Snapchat

If you haven’t noticed that new feature on the top of your Instagram, you need to update your phone.

Not only is it the first thing you see now, but from a user experience perspective, it’s mighty convenient to use, especially if you’re already familiar with Snapchat.

So why did Instagram decide to take on Snapchat? It’s no secret that the big five social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and LinkedIn, and with Facebook owning Instagram, it is no surprise that Facebook is trying to take on all mediums.

There are numerous examples of how Facebook wants to be the King of all social platforms. By added features like trending news as seen on Twitter, hashtags way back when which were also a Twitter original feature, and now using Instagram to take on Snapchat. To me personally, this isn’t a surprise since Facebook offered to buy Snapchat in 2012, and Snapchat rejected the offer and has grown into one of the leading social media platforms, especially for the millennial generation.

And as much as I love Snapchat, it still has its kinks. Within the last year, it has started adding features like stickers, geo-filters and face swaps, but the one thing Snapchat still lacks as of today is the user experience feature. Trying to add people and switching between screens is how you start to lose your consumer. And people use Snapchat for various things, live feeds, to just watch stories, etc, whereas with Instagram everything is in one, your story and feed are in the same place and following people on Instagram is much easier than Snapchat.

Instagram lets you use hashtags and look for people’s names and see their profiles, where this is a much more difficult task on Snapchat. But Instagram also implemented a classic Facebook feature, the algorithm which only shows certain posts to certain people based on your usage of the app, this is no surprise as this is how Facebook literally runs for you these days.

I’m also not an influencer of any kind, but even with that said, I have many more followers (500 to be exact), on Instagram because of the accessibility it has, which means more people will be able to view whatever I am posting about.

I am also one of those people that loves Snapchat; I always have something in my Snap story and love to capture everyday moments, compared to what I post on Instagram which is more like my own personal photo album, of staged photographs and events.

Have I tried the Stories feature? Yes, and by being able to see the similarity between the two features already, I am very curious as to how Snapchat is going to respond to make sure it still reigns as one of the top social media platforms.

What do you think of Instagram Stories? Will you stick to using Snapchat? For more information on how to use the new Stories check our the Wired article here.

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