Happy Birthday Toronto, This One’s For You

Today marks Toronto’s 181st birthday, and there are countless reasons why you should celebrate it. I have lived in Toronto for almost a year now, and as much as it has been one of the most eye opening and exciting experiences for me, it has also been a giant adjustment that I wouldn’t change.

How can a city be a changing experience? Well, if you’ve lived here all your life then you would have grown up around the culture, the communities and the people that Toronto is lucky to have. Where I come from, a small town (Brantford); there is none of that excitement that makes Toronto the place it is today.

Not only is Toronto a main reference point when you refer to Canada, but there is ALWAYS, I mean it, ALWAYS something (and sometimes too many things) to do. Yes, there are downfalls to everyone wanting to be here, I mean no one likes sitting in traffic or cramped subways, but you’ll find that in other cities too, so don’t think we’re the only ones in the world who have dealt with crack addict mayors (R.I.P Marion Barry).

So how are you celebrating Toronto’s birthday? Are you going to its official birthday celebration hosted by Steam Whistle Brewery? Are you going out skating  on the public rinks that the Toronto public and local companies helped to keep open longer this winter season? Indulging in the plethora of delicious restaurants?

No matter what you are doing today, if you’re doing it in Toronto, remember how great this City really is, because I guarantee you’ll never find another place like it.



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