How to Get Your Social Media Interview Ready

So you’ve recently graduated and now it’s time to brush up on your interview skills. It’s time to begin the job hunt and for you to make sure all your social profiles are up to date.

Believe it or not, employers do look at your online presence, as it helps to show that you are a real person and not just that application and resume you’ve submitted. So when getting ready for the job hunt, make sure your online profiles are up to date, and no, do not delete them as this may harm you even more, especially if you’re looking to get into an industry that uses social media daily, which is most companies these days.

I have heard many horror stories of people asked to sign in to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, in the middle of the interview to see what you and your newsfeed are up to, so it is always best to keep some of those pictures hidden and watch what you’re posting come interview time.


Here are some of the best ways to get your social profiles interview ready:


Facebook: This is the most common social profile that employers will check. Hide those tagged photos and make sure your newsfeed is cleaned up of any bar photos from the night before. There are privacy settings you can turn on to approve what photos of you get published, and some employers will ask you sign on in the middle of the interview for them to checkout your profile. Don’t be like my friend who had his keg stand photo printed off by the employer for him to explain.


Twitter: Twitter is a very opinion based social forum, but this doesn’t mean you should be tweeting about the company you’re about to have an interview with because they will see it in any social media scans. People use Twitter for many different things, but come interview time make sure you have your profile up to date with a variety of people you follow and things you’re tweeting about, as this is a good indication of what interests you have.


LinkedIn: Having a profile is the first step as a new professional, as this is the best way to show off your professional skills and show off what you’ve accomplished. Try and make sure you have a flowing time line and that there aren’t any gaps, just like in your resume, it is different when you are in school, but even then you should be doing things like summer jobs and volunteering to help build your skill set for your career.


Instagram: Finding images is easily accessible online, and although you can make your profile private, make sure it is or your profile will be seen online. Again, Instagram is a great way to show off you and your hobbies by what you’re posting and the things you are doing.

insta (1) is a newer social network that gives you a quick summary page of who you are and your interests while making you visible for anyone to see. This is a great way to show off a brief summary about yourself and your career interests and gives you the opportunity to view those of the same interests and connect with them.


Need help to clean up your social profiles? There’s an app for that! Yes, Clear is the newest app that will scan your social media profiles and flag any risky content you may have. This app is great if you’re looking to clean up your social presence or if you are trying to get your profiles updated and interview ready.

For any history fans, here is a YouTube video I created for a Social Media in Technology course on how Twitter came to be.

Have any other tips for cleaning up your online presence? Let me know in the comment section below!


  • Christine Reply

    Why am I not surprised there’s an app for that?

  • Darryl Reply

    Great tips Marcy! enjoy your “guesting” at #Digitaledu

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