Fit and Jump Toronto

The newest trend in fitness has hit Toronto and it includes a bouncing on a trampoline like you’ve never jumped before. This mix of strengthening and cardio will have you sweating and burning an incredible amount of calories all in a one-hour class. Equipped with your own personal trampoline, Fit and Jump hosts classes for up to 25 people at one time that will have you bouncing up a sweat.


Starting with a warm up and a lesson on how to properly jump on the trampoline to avoid injuries, you then get the workout started with different bounce routines. Trying to keep to the beat of the music, each routine has different bounce methods to work on different muscles all while getting your cardio in. And just because you have a trampoline doesn’t mean you are always bouncing on it; these routines mix up getting off the trampoline to do strengthening exercises like push-ups, lunges, and planks.

Every time I’ve been on a trampoline, I never knew there was a technique on how to bounce, I have always jumped freely, side to side, spinning, as high as I can and attempting flips into foam pits. Even places like SkyZone will let you bounce around with hundreds of trampolines and trampoline games available. How fun does trampoline dodge ball sound? With Fit and Jump, they teach you how to control your muscles, especially in your legs and core to work on not jumping high, but by bouncing with control.


As one of the best fitness classes in terms of working up a sweat (hot yoga doesn’t count), this trampoline workout is a great way to switch up your exercise routine. This class is meant for everyone at any fitness level as you can work at your own pace, but as with any kind of activity you must be careful especially those with any specific injuries, particularly knees, this is may not the class for you. You can book classes as an individual or try it with a group, either way, you’re going to have a soaring time.


So if you’re looking a new way to enjoy your workout or looking to switch your current exercise regime, Fit and Jump is guaranteed to make you sweat.

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