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When it comes to social media, you never know what is going to catch on and start trending. Most of the time it’s news related or big events that people are talking about, but there are also times you wonder how things go viral. A few weeks ago #FirstSevenJobs were one of the trending topics globally and had CEO’s, celebrities and your average user listing the first seven jobs they had. This was an inspiring movement and gave people insight as to some people’s roads to success. This also inspired me to reflect upon my journey and see what my first seven jobs taught me that still help me in my PR and freelance career today.

  1. SoftMoc Warehouse

My first job! This was also in thanks to my father, a current VP at SoftMoc and my obsession with shoes, even at a young age. I worked every other weekend in their Whitby warehouse where helped customer try on shoes, organized and merchandised shoes and demonstrated how great shoe spray was. This was also where I fell in love with Birkenstocks.

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  1. Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen in Brantford where I was raised is very different than your modern day DQ. With no real registers, everything was done in cash and we added up the totals and tax ourselves! The only thing served at this DQ was ice cream, and you walked up to the window and ordered it and then hung out in the parking lot to enjoy it, there was no inside or places to sit. It was super old school and that’s what I loved about it. This is also where I perfected by cake decorating skills and made thousands of Blizzards. This was the perfect job for any 16 year old.

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  1. Sears Canada- Beauty Advisor

My next role was definitely one I fell into, as I did not expect to be working in the makeup and fragrance section of a department store. This role came about from a high-school co-op in merchandising, where I worked in-store events and projects with the beauty department that lead into a part-time seasonal role. This then turned into a five-year off and on contract throughout high school, all the way into University. This was my first experience working in a sales and commission based role with people who were experts in the field of makeup artistry and skin care.

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  1. LCBO

I soon became bored at Sears, and coming back home in the off-season of University I needed to take on a new challenge. And that is when I started working as seasonal help for the LCBO. This time following in my mothers footsteps as a manager of a LCBO store back home in Paris, Ontario, the LCBO showed me what it was like working with unionized workers and for a government entity. No, you do not get discounts on alcohol as an LCBO employee.

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  1. Chamber of Commerce Brantford-Brant

My Chamber of Commerce role as a Communications Assistant was what I like to refer to as my first “big girl job”. It was your average office job with set hours Monday through Friday, completely different than what I was used to working in customer service roles. This was a big deal for me in University to gain this experience and start establishing myself and gaining experience in your career field as a new professional trying to figure out what you want to do for a living. I love this job. It was my favourite job throughout University, so much so I did it for two summers. I worked with amazing people who were very supportive and created opportunities for me to learn and grow.


  1. Beer Promotions Girl

Now, this was a fun job that paid really well, until I realized how demanding and the time commitment that came with it. I called it the summer of “Coors Light Iced Tea” and I was a promo girl for this specific brand, travelling around to festivals and events sampling beer. This job is probably the reason I can speak to anyone and am an extroverted introvert in social scenarios.Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 9.52.52 AM

  1. Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) Bar Promotions Team Executive

After my summer as a promo girl, I decided to put my new skills to the test and applied for a part-time job on campus. This Bar Promotions Team role was working on a team of eight people who created and executed weekly bar events and themes. Hosting events at both the on-campus pub and club, this role was a perfect university job for me as it was a great way for me to meet people, get involved in the WLU community and focus on photography, event planning, and using my creativity, all skills I utilize as a PR professional today.

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What were your first seven jobs? And how did they help lead you to where your career is now. Let me know in the comment section below.


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