How to Disconnect When You’re on Vacation


I am a wannabe traveler and when I do get to go away I have had the questions of how/why were you still popping up on social media while you were away? Although yes, when on vacation it is a good time to disconnect from the world, disconnecting from the right things is what will help you actually feel like you are on vacation. We now live in a technological world where we are all connected on a daily basis, and it has become completely ingrained in how we live our lives. Here are a few tips on how to disconnect, while not totally being out of the loop.

Give Notice:

Some colleagues may know you’re going away, but don’t expect to rely on others. Have all your bases covered by making sure whatever you are working on is up to date and send an email to your team members so everyone knows your status. Also, appointing a contact person if someone does have any questions or concerns they can be directed to someone. Finally set an out of office notification and social media update like a Facebook status or tweet for everyone to see, and to brag that you’re going on vacation of course.


Don’t buy it. At most resorts now you have the option of buying Wi-Fi for your room or for anywhere on the resort. In most cases the lobby will have free Wi-Fi and that’s all you will need. Knowing that you don’t have access to be connected is the first step in being on vacation, you don’t need to have electronics by the pool or on the beach, why even risk bringing them.


I made a habit of only checking my phone once a day. This included social media, emails, phone calls, everything all at once at the same time every day. If someone needed to get a hold of me I would tell them to contact me at the same time the next day. Give yourself a time limit to catch up on all platforms, and do not respond unless you absolutely have to. Also, do not go out of your way to check in, find a convenient time where you know you have a few minutes to spare and aren’t rushed or interrupting any plans.

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule:

Take a few minutes before you leave to make sure your voice on social media doesn’t disappear, unless of course you want it to. You can most definitely sign off and say you won’t be available for the time being, but my personal preference was to still be a part of the conversation. Scheduling tweets has become one of the easiest things you can do, so by setting up a few plus sending out a live tweet when you are connected ensures your voice won’t disappear.

Remember you are on vacation! Enjoy it!


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