Buffalo, New York- Travel Review

What’s a better way to spend a long weekend than to travel? That is exactly what my friend Lauren (Twirl The Globe) and I did, explored somewhere we’ve never been before. We ended up in Buffalo, New York, courtesy of the Buffalo Niagara Tourism Board, where we spent a few days getting to know the city and of course, eating buffalo wings and brewery hopping.

Coming from Ontario, Buffalo is really known to us for a few things: where you cross the border to get to the US, to catch a cheap NHL game since we all know how pricey Leafs tickets can be, the closest place for us to catch an NFL game, and of course the great outlet malls (when our dollar isn’t doing so horrible).

So what did we head to Buffalo for? Exactly what everyone in Buffalo does. Surprisingly Buffalo is a bigger city than we thought! And there is more to do than expected.  So we decided to do one of the most popular things to do in Buffalo, go on a brewery tour.

First stop, Big Ditch Brewing Company. And it was a great first stop, especially for a Friday night. Delicious food including “flights of dips” and mac n’ cheese and this is where we also learnt about the Buffalo Pedal Tours, as Big Ditch is one of their main stops. Fun fact: on a Buffalo pedal tour you can actually drink while site seeing! Unfortunately, they do not provide the beer for you, but it is BYOB! As for the beer at Big Ditch, I tried the one and only cider and was a big fan!


Next up was Pearl Street Grill & Brewery. And there is nothing like starting off with a brewery first thing on a Saturday morning. The best thing about this brewery (besides the free popcorn from the old school popcorn machine), was the beer flavours. Flavours like I have never seen before! If you like radlers or fruity beers, this is the place for you. With sample tastings available, you can try numerous beers to find the one for you. All brewed in house, I went with the blue-eyed blueberry blonde. And if that doesn’t sound like me in a pint, I don’t know what does. We also tried samples of the green tea beer which was Lauren’s favourite and the watermelon beer. The fruity beer trend is definitely still in and having seen all these flavours first hand was definitely an experience.


Our final stop was basically an adult playground. Resurgence Brewing Company had a giant connect four, life-size Jenga, picnic tables, fire pits and of course, corn hole. What’s a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than with beers on a patio with games? Resurgence was where we enjoyed flights because there were just too many options, we wanted to try them all. And surprisingly my favourite beer of the day didn’t come out of that flight but were the beer-mosa’s they served as their speciality cocktail. We also enjoy great snacks like the pretzel stick dippers and hung out on the patio as this brewery got busy quick!


But can you go to Buffalo and not get Buffalo wings? We didn’t think so, so we made the trek to Anchor Bar, home of the original chicken wing. And for someone who is pretty picky when it comes to wings, this place did the trick. Amazed with how many options and the amount of wings available, Anchor Bar is a must whenever you’re in Buffalo. Needless to say, Lauren and I both ended up with wing sauce on our shirts.


I am lucky to have a travel blogger friend that takes me on these great adventures with her. For all of these adventures and more make sure to check out Twirl The Globe.


  • Ray Reply

    This is great info to know! My friend is trying to plan my Bachelor party for me next year and couldn’t stop talking about how much Buffalo has been developing in recent years. He has given props to Anchor Bar and Pearl Street Brewery. The fact that they serve Green Tea beer has me thinking what other crazy flavours they have. And Resurgence Brewery sounds right up my alley as a perfect place for a bunch of guys to hang out before a Buffalo Bisons/Buffalo Bandits/Buffalo Sabres game. Will have to share this with my wedding party now!

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