25 habits to break before you’re 25:


  1. Using your phone in bed
    Is the first thing you do every morning you wake up and look at your phone? Stop it, you are not at work yet and you have plenty of other times throughout the day to check it.
  2. Washing your hair every day
    I know some people that don’t wash their hair at all, but try cutting back to every other day, this gives your hair and scalp a full 24 hour period to help produce natural oils.
  3. Buying unnecessary items
    It could be clothes, something you think it funny, a great deal online, or something someone sells you, either way, now is the time to be more sensible with your cash.
  4. Skipping breakfast
    I know you’re still doing it, do yourself a favour and have a banana. Your body will thank you.
  5. Hitting the snooze button
    I am the worst offender for this, but I am purposely setting alarms so I can hit snooze! You can’t hit snooze on a meeting or an appointment, so learn to start your day with only one alarm.
  6. Dwelling on your “good ole days”
    Of course you won’t have enough fun if you’re constantly comparing them to your University party, laid back, free scheduled days. But finding ways to make the most of what you’re doing now is what counts.
  7. Grocery shopping while hungry
    This is for your overall health, I promise. Not only will you save money, but you will buy what you really need, not “want”.
  8. Not taking out the trash
    Yes, not waiting till it starts to stench till you realize you should take it out.
  9. Overusing your plastic
    Always about the points and perks with plastic, but make sure you are controlling what you are spending.
  10. Leaving your bar tab open
    You will regret this. Picture yourself walk of shaming back into the bar the next day to close it.
  11. Avoiding the Doctor
    Your parents don’t need to make your appointments for you anymore. Take initiative when it comes to your own health. This includes the dentist, chiropractor, etc.
  12. Using Wikipedia as a reliable source
    The first thing you always do it Google it, because Google never lies. As much as Wikipedia has gotten us through our days, it is time to move on to more reliable sources, like the news.
  13. Thinking the world is going to end when something happens
    How I survived to 25 for all of the times I thought the world was going to end is a miracle and slightly dramatic. Embarrassing moments, being overwhelmed with work or school, not getting out of bed because of a bad day, not going to an event because you don’t want to see a certain person, get over it, the rest of us have already.
  14. Binge eating
    I remember eating raw cookie dough, and stocking up at bulk barn. Everyone deserves a treat, just try and keep yours in moderation. And for fun activities like movie nights, not being upset over your ex-boyfriend or a guy that never called you.
  15. Staying up late on Netflix
    Binge watchers unite, until you are feeling it the next day. Staying up to finish seasons with class the next day is much easier then work.
  16. Letting your mom do your laundry
    If you don’t know how to do your own laundry by now, please contact me, I love doing laundry and will gladly relieve your mother and give you a step by step guide.
  17. Thinking you can drink like your 19 again
    Have you tried rallying three nights in a row? There is such a thing as a full day hangover at 25, and it only takes one night of thinking you can drink like you’re still in University.
  18. Eating take-out… everyday
    I’m all for a night off from the kitchen and treating yourself, but rotating between McDonalds, Thai Express and A&W for variety isn’t going to do any favours for your health or your wallet.
  19. Being shocked that your friends are getting married and having children
    We are at that age folks, don’t let it surprise you. You’ve finally accepted the fact that your roommates from school are living with their significant others, well guess what the next step is?
  20. Forgetting your manners
    Please and thank you are still mandatory no matter what age. Holding a door, thanking your bus driver, don’t be that person.
  21. Making excuses
    For anything. Cleaning your room, paying your bills, grocery shopping. No more excuses as to why you’re not doing things.
  22. Not having a bed frame
    One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing my adult friends still have their box spring and mattress on the floor. You are all better then sleeping on the floor. Please invest the couple of bucks for a frame.
  23. Letting your mom Christmas/Birthday shop for you
    If your mom is still buying gifts, wrapping them and putting your name on it for someone else because you “forgot” or “didn’t know what to get them”, you need to reevaluate how you plan to spend the Holidays moving forward as you should not be allowed to attend next year.
  24. Eating in bed
    You sleep there, why do you want to roll around all night in what you just ate. Gross.
  25. Procrastinating 
    Your dream job isn’t going to fall from the sky, prince charming isn’t going to magically appear and a plane won’t land in your back yard to jet set you around the world. Get out there and work for it. All of it, if you wait until you’re ready, you’ll be waiting the rest of your life.


  • Kelly Reply

    I love this – thank you! I’m almost 35 and I still do half these things. I definitely need to get better at not doing 1 and 17.

    Great blog!


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